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Setting up a display for a trade show or convention can be a lot of work. If you are traveling a long way for the event, the challenge is even greater. Luckily, Econoline Signs offers retractable banners that will make your next trade show or business event much easier. We work with you to create the perfect eye-catching design that are lightweight and easy to set up. You utilize a simple display stand when your sign goes up and, when you are ready for it to come down, it only takes a few seconds. Set up and tear down are quick and easy.

What customization options are available for retractable banners?

  • Size – We offer a number of popular sizes, including tabletop and floor stand options.

  • Color – Utilize your brand’s colors to build an image that is hard to forget. Make sure your signs are easy-to-read even from a distance.

  • Logo and Design – You aren’t limited to only lettering – utilize bold graphics to make your booth or display stand out from the crowd.

  • Take Up Little Space – At a tradeshow, your booth space may be at a premium. The base is small so you aren’t wasting that precious room. On the other hand, the banners are large and highly visible.

  • Easy to Transport – Since the banner retracts, you can transport these signs anywhere you go. This is an awesome benefit for those firms that hit a lot of tradeshows or conventions.

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