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ADA, Room ID &
Nameplate Signs

It is crucial that property managers and business owners make their venues simple to navigate for people of all abilities. This is both good for business and required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Econoline Signs can help you with your room identification signs, nameplates, and ADA signage.  We can even take a set of plans for your building or project and identify all of the signs that will be required to meet ADA standards/requirements.

Types of ADA Signs, Room ID & Nameplates


  • Room Identification - You must have easy to understand identifying signs for your cafeterias, restrooms, and any other rooms that have a permanent use. These signs need tactile copy and symbols as well as Braille.
  • Nameplates - All of your building?s users can benefit from nameplates. Specific workers and departments are easier to find when properly labeled with nameplates. We have a variety of materials to choose from.

  • ADA Signage - We are able to make it simple for guests of all abilities to find their way around your facility with high-contrast, non-glare signs. We will even customize your markers with your organization?s fonts and colors to boost your brand recognition.

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