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digital signage

A digital signage solution that punches above its weight Bitvu & Screenspace is a one-stop digital signage solution designed to equip you with a full range of tools to design, publish and manage your content, ensuring that your digital signage experience is seamless, affordable and reliable.


A simple, powerful, cloud CMS

Design, create and publish stunning adverts featuring HD video, text, images and animations - then publish to your screens in an instant, wherever they’re located.  Econoline Signs is your local expert for digital signage so give us a call with any questions!

Design stunning content in our easy-to-use editor

Upload images and videos from your computer, add your text, adjust, scale and move any media. To make your content more eye-catching and engaging, add animations to your text or images.  Already have your content ready? Simply upload your image or full HD video and you’re set to go.  The Screenspace CMS does not restrict content to certain areas — you’re free to arrange your content however you wish.


Create simple playlists

Organise your content into unique playlists and watch your adverts run seamlessly throughout the day. Simply drag and drop saved adverts into the preferred order and adjust the timings of each segment. Updating your playlists with fresh content takes seconds!


Scheduling your playlists for maximum effectiveness

Harness the real power of digital signage by tailoring the play-out of your playlists to the most relevant time of the day or week.  Simply drag and drop the chosen playlist onto the calendar, pick the date for the advert to run and adjust the length of time accordingly.


Manage all your screens from one place, wherever they are

See the status of all your connected screens in a easy-to-understand one-page view.  Create groups of screens for easy publication to multiple locations.  Easily change basic settings like screen orientation and resolution without having to be on site.  Upgrade your player to the latest software at the click of a mouse so that you can enjoy the latest new features from Screenspace.

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