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post and panel signs

A well-designed Post and Panel Sign will make a statement about your company.  Additionally, the long-term application of a well-constructed Post and Panel Sign will continue to provide your company with lasting impressions and a great return on your investment.


The Basics of Post and Panel Signs

The basic design of post and panel signs in its simplest form is 2 posts buried in the ground with a panel mounted between them. These free-standing signs can be placed somewhere at your location away from the building allowing for greater visibility for your brand and creating better way-finding solutions.

This type of sign is ideal for businesses and buildings that are set back from the road. A post and panel sign can be used at the location entrance to ensure that the entrance is branded. Additionally, this type of sign can be used on your company campus at intersections and parking lot entrances to guide employees, clients, and customers to the proper places.


Post and panel signs can be fabricated from many different materials including aluminum, sandblasted wood, foam core, PVC, and metal. This allows the ability to customize the sign for your business. In most cases Post and Panel signs are double-sided; however, this is determined by the location, the area it will be viewed from, and the intended purpose.


What dictates the type of materials used to create a panel or post sign is the location and the type of application required in the area. For instance, the unforgiving Connecticut climate would require that the sign has more protection against the wear and tear caused by the weather. To increase durability, using laminate on any post and panel sign is imperative.

Post and Panel Signs Have Many Uses

Post and Panel signs are different from other outdoor signs or business signs. These signs, other than simply providing useful information and advertising your business, do much more. They also improve business branding, provide directions, and help in business identification among many others.


Their versatility is what sets them apart from every other sign that a business can use. Post and Panel signs are commonly seen in hospitals, Universities, business parking lots, shopping stores, and business grounds. In such areas, they are commonly placed in places such as:

Entrances - this could be the parking lot of business premises or the entrance of a building. Therefore, they can easily be used as building signs that help customers identify your business area. If used in a parking lot, they can help provide directions on where to park your car, as well as point them towards the exit.

Streets and roadsides - Post and Panel signs act as your main business sign or as way-finding signs, pointing potential customers towards the correct location of your business.

Showcasing purposes - Post and panel signs can also be used in areas such as construction sites and as more upscale real estate signage. Construction sites require high levels of organization to help prevent accidents and ensure proper workflow. Post and Panel signs can help improve organization while displaying architectural renderings.

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