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Etched vinyl Privacy Film

A clear window or wall shouldn't mean a lack of privacy. Privacy is easier than you think. Just add our window privacy film to your existing clear glass or Plexiglas and you can turn any open space into a customized private room. Window privacy film is an inexpensive alternative to etched or treated glass.  In addition to adding privacy, this film is also ideal for changing the look of a room and giving it a high-end appeal.  The vinyl can cover all or any portion of the clear surface and can be customized with a logo or design.

Consider these popular uses of window film:

  • Meeting Rooms – Hosting a meeting is difficult when you don’t have a private area for your employees to gather. Turn an open or glassed-in space into a private board room with the simple addition of privacy film.

  • Private Offices – Every employee wants his or her own private office. It’s possible when you get the most out of every nook on your property using window film.

  • All Types of Locations - Retail Spaces, Restaurants, spas, and Fitness Centers/Gyms often have panes of glass that separate different areas. You can put customers and visitors at ease by installing frosted vinyl on these dividers. And when you incorporate your logo, you give your brand awareness a boost.

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