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Brand with 3D Building Letters and Logos

Why Three-dimensional Letters?

With channel letters and electrical cabinets making excellent building signs, why are so many business owners now choosing 3D building letters instead? For starters, there is the cost factor. In many cases, these products are less expensive than the other signage alternatives – depending on the material you select. Moreover, these products allow for a brand presentation that standard signage displays cannot cater to. Of course, if you already have light sources installed on your building’s façade, the selection of dimensional versus channel letters makes sense simply because there is no need for built-in illumination.

Letter Material Alternatives

Formed plastic letters. As we already explained in our prior blog post, this material allows for a height of versatility. Color choices are endless. The fronts of these products can take on flat, rounded, or even prismatic appearances. Durable and able to withstand fading, this product is ideal for full sun exposures.

Acrylic. You already know this material from the manufacture of lobby signs. It presents an attractive flat-cut appearance that is as sophisticated as it is professional. Choose any color of the rainbow or have us customize the appearance to be in keeping with your brand color. Combining lettering with a logo display is possible when choosing acrylic.

Metal. Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze are just some of the material options open to you when choosing metal for your three-dimensional building letters and logos. Some clients like the use of metal because we can artificially age it to suit the look and feel of a building.

Foam. Outdoor-rated foam is a budget-friendly alternative when the other materials are simply not yet affordable. However, even business owners who do have the funds frequently prefer foam because it allows for the manufacture of dramatic 3D presentations. With depths of up to three inches, these sign components give channel letters a run for the money! Our technicians can paint these letters, install metal or acrylic facings, or mount an imprinted vinyl overlay that features gradient color changes or patterns.

There are also the more unusual materials. We do not get many requests for wooden letters or granite logos, but we can manufacture them if you like. Typically, we mount any letters flush to the façade, but some clients prefer an installation with standoffs that gives them a floating appearance. Board mounts are getting popular now, too.

Interested in Taking a Closer Look at 3D Building Letters and Logos

If we have piqued your interest in thinking through a three-dimensional building sign display, but you have more questions or would like to see the materials up close, we can help. Contact our business sign experts today to set up an in-house consultation appointment!

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